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Joan's Monarch Wishes is an organization is dedicated to a mission to send cards of hope, strength and courage to touch the hearts of recipients, one card at a time. Over the years they have received cards, notes and words of thanks from the recipients and their families of how their lives were touched by the kindness of strangers who took the time to think of them and send a little bit of love their way.
Cancer can cause a range of emotions for the individual who is battling and for their family.
Some feelings may include helplessness. I know I felt that way when my sister was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 
There were days that she was feeling very down and out. One thing that always made my sister smile was when she opened her mail and it was an uplifting card from others, sometimes complete strangers. Yes, strangers!
My sister had been Nominated to be a recipient of Cards from Joan's Monarch Wishes. These cards truly were messages  of HOPE, STRENGTH and COURAGE.
Limitless Pediatric Solutions would like you to help them spread those uplifting messages to others this Holiday Season. 

This time of YEAR should bring CHEER to those far and NEAR.

Join us as we make cards of hope, strength and courage for those who have been affected by cancer.           


Our Nominee list will be supplied by Joan’s Monarch Wishes whose organization helped my very own sister receive cards of hope, joy and strength while she was battling Breast Cancer in NY.       


If you would like to nominate somebody affected by cancer to receive a card contact Janine at jbickham@limitlesspeds.com or call (843) 706-9367 with Name & Address of recipient Nominee.


Thursday December 14th, 2017 from 5-7 pm.

Sheridan Park 11 Mallett Way (suite 303) Bluffton, SC