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This class was designed for those kids who want to explore and use their hands to learn. This is one of most fun and friendly groups. Join our experienced team as we create art, build and learn with sensory rich play based activities and use a variety of materials including, slime, clay, paper mache and recyclables. 
A little snack, a little socializing, a little exploring, and a LOT OF CREATING!

Help Foster Your Child's Development With Socializing and Exploring While CREATING!

We offer drop off classes


 in Bluffton...


Strengthens Child Development:

This is an opportunity for your child to join a fun and non-judgmental social environment. Our team lead groups are all specifically designed to provide sensory rich play based activities for your child. 

Help Increase Motor Development and Independence: This group fosters early development and strengthens gross and fine motor muscles that are crucial in the first three years of a child’s development. As your child crawls around obstacles, climbs on mats and swings they are stimulating their muscles. These foundational motor skills will help improve coordination and balance enhancing a child’s independence in their environment.  

Enhances Socialization and Pre Language Skill Development: Provides a safe, nurturing environment where children can interact with peers to the best of their ability. After all, this may be your child’s first time in a group setting and that is why we are here, to learn! We believe kids should be able to be kids. We provide a judge free play experience. These initial interactions are crucial for development of social and pre language skill development. As children play and watch others body language, they are listening to a variety of vocabulary and learning social cues. This exposure to listening increases auditory processing skills and facilitates an understanding of following directions.


Sensory Processing Skill Development:

This multi-sensory approach to play and learning is rooted in the beliefs of Sensory Integrative Therapy. Our passionate Occupational Therapist has designed the group to facilitate integration of all senses to help your child make sense of the world around them.  Activities will include exposure to a variety of movement sensations, tactile input, auditory stimulation and visual engagement. Children learn with their “whole body” and through sensory rich play. This process will allow you and your child to discover your tolerance for stimulation in a group setting.

Increases Confidence:


A child’s job is to “play”. We allow them to master this skill while having fun. This is an irreplaceable way to build a child’s confidence. They are learning how to problem solve, work together, and succeed alongside their peers. This type of confidence will ease transitions into other social settings. Our Occupational Therapist will educate the caregiver on age appropriate activities and the benefits of all activities the child is participating in during the group. This will empower the caregiver to understand more about what is and isn’t developmentally appropriate for a child their age.

Make Connections with other Caregiver you meet:


The group setting allows caregivers to support each other, to network and learn from each other and their children.

Improves Mood:


This group will get you out of the house and provide you with exercise.  Being physically active helps release endorphins. This chemical helps improve mood and diminish the perception of pain in you and your child! This is especially important for those that experience symptoms of postpartum depression.